Congo-Nile Divide

The Congo-Nile Divide runs from North West Rwanda down to the south of Burundi. Rivers flowing to the west form the tributaries of the Congo River while rivers flowing east enter Lake Victoria and the Nile River. Several forest reserves and national parks are found along this mountain crest, including Nyungwe National Park (including Cyamudongo Forest) and Kibira National Park (in Burundi), Gishwati Forest Reserve, Mukura Forest Reserve, in Rwanda, and Bururi Forest Reserve (also in Burundi).


Conservation Approach

Transboundary collaboration efforts between Rwanda and Burundi conserve the largest protected block of lower montane forest in East Africa in the Nyungwe-Kibira Landscape. This forest landscape has been identified as one of six key landscapes for conservation in the Albertine Rift region.

Latest Publications

Biodiversity surveys of the Nyungwe Forest Reserve

Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Michel Masozera, Peter J. Fashing, Alastair McNeilage, Corneille Ewango, Beth A. Kaplin, and Innocent Liengola

Factsheet WCS- Biodiversity research and monitoring

Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society- Rwanda
Year: 2009

Factsheet WCS- Community entreprise development

Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society- Rwanda
Year: 2008

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